Austin Hunt

The “Justin Timberlake” of the dance community

A little about me…

I’ve always had a difficult time defining myself. Maybe that is because I have a hard time understanding the value of self-labeling. Anywhozzle, my name is Austin Hunt. To my friends, they call me Austin, and, you too, can call me just that. I fell in love with dance from an early age. Sometime between the first strike of Riverdance and the “tango scene” in the Mask of Zorro, I was hooked. For me, dance is a place where I can share my soul. Within a mixture of self-expression and vulnerability, I strive to share a story within my movement.

In my free time you can find me writing on my blog, Points of Connection, meeting new people, spending way too much money on good coffee, and exploring this beautiful planet that I get to call home. One of my biggest passions in life is dance, and, through that, micro. So, if you run into me, strike up a conversation. I’d love to share some time with you.

Austin Geoffrey Hunt in Seattle